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Want to enjoy the mountains? Few hours,few days or more?
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My offer includes leading and planning trekking, cycling and car/bus tours in Polish Carpathians with special attention to the Tatra Mountains.

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Slow Tatras - what does it mean?

SLOW - My concept of good holidays involves some slow tourism features. Active open-air leisure. Watching and learning unique local culture and nature. Respect for others, especially local people. Going on the tour in friendly, relaxing atmosphere. Sampling some delicious local cuisine. And most of all awareness and mindfulness.

TATRAS - The Tatra mountain and its surroundings are my beloved region and the main area of my activity


In my offer you can find a wide range of tours, starting with easy valley walks, and ending with the most challenging routes with steep exposures. Offering easy to moderate grades of cycling, focused on having a nice, relaxing pedaling, beautiful views and occasional more energetic climbs. And finally making offer for families, especially for those with toddlers, when active tourism requires extra equipment and some special planning.
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    Custom solution
    Duration : one or few days
    Sum of altitudes : custom solution
    Distance : custom solution
    Grade : Easy-Challenging
    Highlights : natural, cultural etc
    Toddlers : special itinerary for families with children


    According to actual season or weather conditions and including your needs I can prepare for you a trip to Polish or Slovak Carpathians. I can offer to you a mountain trekking, easy to moderate cycling, sightseeing or mix-tour. I can also take you for rafting on the Dunajec river, sleepover in a tent in summer mountain camp or invite u for a relax in thermal pools. Maybe you want to see a beautiful sunrise or breathtaking sunset in mountains? I look forward to hearing from you!


    Hiking, Challenging
    Duration : 12 h
    Sum of altitudes : 1300 m up, and 2300 down (1000 m up with cable car)
    Distance : ~22 km
    Hiking grade : Challenging
    Highlights : the most difficult public path in Tatras
    Additional information : offered only in summer conditions and with good weather forecast


    Tour for seasoned mountain tourist, demanding in terms of technical difficulties and physical condition The Eagle's Path is considered the most difficult public path in the entire Tatra and also the most dangerous. Numerous aids for tourists are provided at the most steep and vertical stretches, including ladders, stepladders, chains and metal steps. We start our tour in Kuznice where we take a cable car to reach 1987 m high Kasprowy Wierch and we follow the red trail to Swinica (the highest point on the tour 2301) and Zawrat Pass where The Eagle’s Path begins. It is possible to divided that tour for 2 days with overnight in mountain shelter or to go only part of it and make it shorter.


    Hiking, Easy, Toddlers
    Duration : 4-6 h
    Sum of altitudes : ~200 m
    Distance : ~12 km
    Hiking grade : Easy
    Highlights : mountain refuge Ornak, shepard’s hut*, illuminated Mrozna Cave*
    Toddlers : stroller with bigger wheels, baby carrier, sled*
    Additional information : horse carriage
    * - available seasonally


    Koscieliska Valley is one of the most beautiful destinations in Tatras. The main trail goes through the valley by a wide route amongst beautifully formed limestones and dolimites. The most interesting attractions included: Ice Spring, shepard’s hut (during summer period you can buy there traditional sheep cheese) or remains of the mining and ironworking settlement. Additionally visiting some of side trails we can see the Mrozna Cave, Cracow Gorge, Stoly Glade with beautiful view of the Red Mountains or Smreczynski Lake. However you need to remember that it is very crowded during sunny weekends and holidays.


    Hiking, Moderate
    Duration : ~7-8 h
    Sum of altitudes : ~800 m
    Distance : ~22 km
    Hiking grade : Moderate
    Highlights : the Valley of Five Lakes, Morskie Oko Lake
    Additional information : mountain shelters, horse carriage*
    * - possible at a distance of 7 km


    Fabulous hike through post-glacial valleys with beautiful Tatra lakes. During this trip we can see the highest located mountain shelter, the biggest lake (The Eye of the Sea*) and the highest waterfall in Polish Tatras.

    * - The Eye of the Sea in free translation, Morskie Oko is the biggest Tatra lake with surface area of almost 0,35 km2. It is the natural place of living for trous, so first explorers called it the Fish Lake.


    Hiking, Easy/Moderate, Toddlers
    Duration : ~5 h
    Sum of altitudes : ~600 m
    Distance : ~12 km
    Hiking grade : Easy/Moderate
    Highlights : mountain refuge Roztoka, shepard’s hut*
    Toddlers : baby carrier
    Additional information : -
    * - available seasonally


    Moderate physical activity and a bunch of attractions. Tour for everyone who likes small hiking challenges and combination of natural and cultural curiosities. Small wooden chapel with symbolic cemetery of people who died in the mountains, one of the most beautiful glades in Tatras with shepart’s huts (seasonally the opportunity to buy sheep’s chease) and having a meal in “the best”* polish mountain refuge Roztoka.

    * - awarded by “n.p.m” magazine


    Cycling, Easy/Moderate, Toddlers
    Duration : ~7-8 h
    Sum of altitudes : ~200 m
    Distance : ~46 km
    Cycling grade : Easy/Moderate
    Highlights : Gubałówka hill, Chocholow village, thermal pools*
    Toddlers : the possibility of renting a trailer
    Additional information : cycling partly on the roads with moderate car traffic
    * - optionally


    A relatively easy trip for enthusiasts of cycling. Tour from Zakopane to Nowy Targ during which we can admire the diversity of Podhale villages and beautiful views of the Tatra peaks. An additional attraction will be a walk through the “open-air museum” of the Podhale village, a ride through the raised bogs and a visit to the St. Mary's Sanctuary in Ludźmierz.


    Cycling, Moderate
    Duration : ~8 h
    Sum of altitudes : ~450 m
    Distance : ~46 km
    Cycling grade : Moderate
    Highlights : Dunajec River Gorge, Red Monastery, Pieniny National Park
    Toddlers : -
    Additional information : bike paths and roads with moderate car traffic


    Pieniny are one of the most beautiful mountain range in Poland. The main attractions of this region is Dunajec River Gorge with very well prepared cycling trail along the river. Cycling the loop with beautiful views for Pieniny and Tatra mountains and moderate grade of difficulty will make that tour very pleasant.


    Cycling, Hiking, Easy, Toddlers
    Duration : ~6 h
    Sum of altitudes : ~250m/bike, ~500m/foot
    Distance : ~15km on bike, 6km on foot
    Grade : Easy
    Highlights : mountain shelter, group of shepard huts
    Toddlers : bicycle seat, baby carrier
    Additional information : In winter time cycling can be replaced with walk


    A great mix of Tatra mountains, cycling and hiking. Cycling to the shelter takes almost 8 km and 250 m ascent. There we can make small break and leave our bikes and start hiking to Grzes 1653 m.a.s.l. If it’s not enough for you we can go further and reach Rakon or even Wolowiec 2063 m.a.s.l. Before cycling down there is time for small regeneration in the shelter, where I recommend you to have a cup of tea and apple pie with whipped cream and blueberries.


    Hiking, Moderate/Challenging
    Duration : ~8 h
    Sum of altitudes : 1300 m
    Distance : 21 km
    Grade : Moderate/Challenging
    Highlights : The highest point of Poland and the highest mounatin refuge in Tatras
    Additional information : Start from the Slovakia, tour available between 16.06-30.10


    Tour for those who wants to climb the highest summit of Poland - The Rysy Mount 2499 m.a.s.l. We start the tour in Popradzkie Pleso in Slovakia and passing by Popradzki Lake we climb to the north direction. We will stop for a rest in the highest located mountain refuge in Tatras with sky-toilet worth to visit :) Numerous aids for tourists are provided at the most steep and vertical stretches, including chains and metal steps. It is also possible to choose polish trail, however it is longer and has more technical difficulties.

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    • With a huge variety of some 300km of trails, the Tatras are ideal for walking. No other area of Poland is so densely criss-crossed with hiking paths, and nowhere else will you find such a diversity of landscapes.

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    • This is prime hiking and skiing country, centered on the main mountain resort of Zakopane. Dozens of hiking trails cover the hills south of town, with some of the most adventurous walks crossing the peaks and ending up in Slovakia.

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    About Me

    HI, I’m Ania
    I found myself lucky because I can realize my biggest passions, exploring mountains and meeting new people. I live near Cracow, what allows me to meet you and start our journey in the town or at the airport/railway, bus station.
    I invite you to get to know each other better!


    Tour Leader


    I am experienced cycling tour leader, thanks to the cooperation with British travel agency Explore. I had the opportunity to lead tours for them in Poland, Czech Republic and Austria.


    Mountain guide


    I graduated Tourism and Leisure studies at the University of Physical Education in Krakow and 2,5 year training for Tatra mountain guides. I cooperated with several polish travel agencies and British tour operator Explore.


    Natural adventurer


    Privately, I am a happy wife and a mother of two daughters with whom I explore the world. Active life and good food are very important to me, as well as taking care of a good mood and safety.


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